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used to define somebody who is of mixed race. A combination of nigger and a cracker.
rasheed is a nicker, lets roll on that bitch
by shooby June 04, 2005
he gave me 20 nicker to put on the gee gee's
by huet May 01, 2003
This a horse term - a low greeting that a horse makes to another horse.
The mare nickered to her foal.
by Kongfire August 25, 2007
A term used in the 70's-80's for a pant type. Longer than shorts but shorter than pants. Much like capri's, but longer.
Those nickers are to long for today style.
by ihavesunshine March 26, 2010
a cover-up word to use if a black person hears you say "nigger". short for 'nose picker'.
Guy: What's this nigger up to?

Nig: What'd you say?

Guy: Oh I said NICKER...it's short for nose picker.
by PaypaKlip January 14, 2012
a plagiarist, a pirate, a fraud, a cheat, a trick, a defraud, a thief, a snatcher,
"We were the biggest nickers in town. Plagiarists extraordinaire." Paul McCartney (Musician, February 1985, p.62)
by passerbygone June 25, 2011
A unit of power measure. Standard conversion typically 80 watts = 1 nicker
That subwoofer puts out 2 nickers of power.
by DrPede December 11, 2006