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This a horse term - a low greeting that a horse makes to another horse.
The mare nickered to her foal.
by Kongfire August 25, 2007
Leader of a ten month slave rebellion in Berbice, Guyana in 1763. Cuffy has his very own statue in Georgetown.

Yo, did ya see Cuffy when you were in GT? Whas up with that thing in his hand?
by Kongfire October 31, 2007
To document an action or activity without actually performing the action or witnessing the activity.
Architect: I needed a retaining wall design so I just paper-whipped it with copy from another job.

Nuclear Technician 1: Hey, my geiger counter is broken and I need to fill out this report for the NRC, what am I gonna do?
Nuclear Technician 2; No problem, the readings were 17, 12 and 5 - all well within limits and believable. That's what you call a good old-fashioned paper-whippin', now let's go get us some liquor.
by Kongfire December 06, 2007

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