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smart, classy, funny, weird, diva.
the best of women
that chick is a nicci.
by gorgon August 29, 2003
Hot, sexy as hell, very short, extremely bubbly with many personalities. Makes anyone and everyone fall in love with her. A trouble-maker. A great target for rumors. Easily distracted. Loves to look at herself in the mirror. Always wears perfume. Has a fantastic ass. Loves hedgehogs. Pretty much the coolest person you'll ever meet.
Oh my gosh! Look at that chick... she so fine, she must be Nicci.
by DaVae February 08, 2010
Alcoholic, from Somerset
Nicci is at the bar every night
My god, Nicci is drunk again.
by Medic November 17, 2004
nicci is a weirdo
by justin July 04, 2003
Really Wierd
Stupid vice-captain NICCI
by Wally Waldock March 09, 2004
The new version of the word noob.
Usually people who still have not caught up with times in this technologically advanced generation, though surrounded by technology daily, almost 24/7.
"HEY! there's music going into my ear!"- Nicci on an ipod.
"Is Sony Ericson a guy?"- Nicci being a noob.
by lalala2x7 September 02, 2009

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