This only applies to the NY side. A crappy city in Western New York that lost half its population between 1970 and now. A place of high crime, dead celebrities, abandoned houses, and corrupt politicians. Basically, everything here is good until the government takes interest in it. The last mayor of Niagara Falls (speaking of which, they haven't re-elected a mayor in about 25 years) was just indicted. The main attractions on our side of the gorge are: abandoned factories, smelly toxic waste dumps, and Indian restaurants. Niagara Falls, Ontario is the opposite. Niagara Falls' nickname is no longer "The Honeymoon Capital of the World", it is now "Dyster's Dystopia", named for our mayor who will likely be the fifth one-term mayor of Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls, Ontario is the opposite.
If hell is like Niagara Falls, I will be a good little boy for the rest of my life.
by Ex-Niagarian March 26, 2011
A sexual act involving an entire night of a male unloading his semen on one female multiple times until she's as soaked, white, and foamy as the famed falls which share the same name.
Kate had to shower after a particulary long night of niagara falls with Steve made her feel sticky and rather unsavory.
by modus_tom19 June 21, 2014
The act of ejaculating inside a girls vagina or asshole and watching as it FALLS out.
I love when I Niagara Falls my girl.
by Ripp $tarr September 24, 2011
A town in Southern Ontario, Canada, best know for it's hisoric horseshow-shaped waterfall. A growing tourist destination over the years, it is now home to many casinos, clubs, hotels, restaurants, and Gentlemen's Clubs. Sometimes refered to as the Las Vegas of Canada. A popular area is Clifton Hill, where people from many countries, and locals from other municipalities in the Niagara region can be found, because it's just about the only good place to go if you live here. Unfortunately, this this area is heavily policed, because of the car loads of American college students who come over to go to the bars and start chirping people and starting fights because they've never been to a bar before or had good Canadian beer, which is stronger then what they have back home.
Non-Canadian: "So, where are you from"
Canadian: "Canada"
Non-Canaidan: "Ohhh, igloos, hockey, and Niagara Falls!"
Canadian: "Umm, yeah I guess"
by dumb inc October 17, 2009
When a guy is in the process of receiving fellatio and upon climax, ejaculates an excessively large amount of semen upon his partner's face or into their mouth.
Dude, I totally went all Niagara Falls on her face last night!
by creativehornball September 22, 2010
When a girl is extremely aroused and gets dripping wet down there in response.
I was talking dirty to my girlfriend and it was like Niagara Falls in her panties.
by AnonJudicator October 28, 2009
New World Rhyming Slang for Balls ie testicles.
"I can get up mate. That block just clocked me square in the Niagaras"
by Ginger Binger October 22, 2003

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