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This only applies to the NY side. A crappy city in Western New York that lost half its population between 1970 and now. A place of high crime, dead celebrities, abandoned houses, and corrupt politicians. Basically, everything here is good until the government takes interest in it. The last mayor of Niagara Falls (speaking of which, they haven't re-elected a mayor in about 25 years) was just indicted. The main attractions on our side of the gorge are: abandoned factories, smelly toxic waste dumps, and Indian restaurants. Niagara Falls, Ontario is the opposite. Niagara Falls' nickname is no longer "The Honeymoon Capital of the World", it is now "Dyster's Dystopia", named for our mayor who will likely be the fifth one-term mayor of Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls, Ontario is the opposite.
If hell is like Niagara Falls, I will be a good little boy for the rest of my life.
by Ex-Niagarian March 26, 2011

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