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Having quality that makes something appear to be made by, thought of, etc. by a newb (look up newb or newbie). This word is used when someone asks a question with a seemingly obvious answer. Also when someone produces poor quality work, esp. in mapping or similar computer game activities.

Also spelled as "noobish"
"I have a newbish question..."
"That looks quite newbish..."
by BlastMaster February 05, 2003
what you get when your oldbish don't ackrite.
She's gettin on my fuckin nerves, I need a newbish.
by rhythm November 08, 2004
Being a n00b, aka fucktard, good examples are *sigh*, ant, shark-, Josh Davis, and Blastmaster. They are all fucktards
by Kicking it Homestyle February 05, 2003
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