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3 definitions by rhythm

Cheap Shit

A lukewarm bottle of white lightning cider - normally warm from weeks of hiding under some young chav's bed, or a couple of hours sitting between the La Coste wrapped legs of a chav waiting in his den (McDonalds) to come out at night and 'go over the park'.
"I had a proper good chavacino last night, I got well smashed on it."
"The closest you'll ever get to culture is a chavacino."
"I had so much chavacino I threw up burburry vomit..."
by Rhythm March 11, 2005
When you beat your bitch, cheat on your bitch, give her disease, fuck her friend, run up her credit cards, stay out for days at a time, and show up with flowers, a gold toof smile, sayin " I love you girl".
....no sentence available.....
by rhythm November 08, 2004
what you get when your oldbish don't ackrite.
She's gettin on my fuckin nerves, I need a newbish.
by rhythm November 08, 2004