the last night of the year,where lots of people come together, get drunk,fuck and usually everyone counts down to some little second,where the year becomes a new year, a new day etc,

a very stupid time to make stupid promises to self,tha is never kept
"lets go get drunk"

"its new years eve"
by charli January 21, 2004
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The one night of the year when getting drunk and making a fool of yourself is not optional, but in fact mandatory.
Sara displayed her exemplary discretion by making out with a mere 15 guys at the frat party on new year's eve.
by AlexIsIll January 09, 2004
A night when groups of adults get drunk and use explosives when intoxicated. In some cultures they melt metal objects to artefacts.
The dog was scared of the noises on new year's eve.
by j-hi January 07, 2004
The night before the first hangover of a new calendar year.
One is feeling rather queasy: it was New Year's Eve last night.
by Achilles January 02, 2004
As good a time as any to go to jail.
"What are you in for?"
"New years eve."
by Bookworm January 20, 2004
The day before the new year. No one really gives two shits about it being a new year, but it's a good excuse to get pissed/laid so who's complaining.
"Happy New Year fuckers!"
by Kay January 18, 2004
a time to get drunk and laid and not remember what happened afterwards
its january 1......... wtf happened to december 31....... and why does my ass hurt?
by matt December 31, 2004
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