A kick-ass person who loves their state and is proud about it.Sometimes has a accent but not all the time.Cares about people who are offensive towards N.Y and will punch them 4 it.
Person 1:Hey I'm a new yorker
Person 2:It doesn't sound like it
by lmaogurl September 14, 2008
usually referenced as an asshole driver
man, that guy is a New Yorker
by ItsTheTrueMoomoo February 06, 2015
Anyone from, or anyone who lives within the state of New York. This includes both upstate and downstate New York. Texans come from Texas; Californians come from California & New Yorkers come from New York.
Person One: You know Steve?

Person Two: Yeah, he just moved here from Rochester, NY.

Person One: Oh, I didn't realize he's a New Yorker.
by Surrounded by dolts December 28, 2011
Someone who has guts, brains, good looks, and the right attitude. Someone who is able to live in the greatest city on the face of the planet, in the center of the world, and enjoy it.
There are two types of Americans: the fat, ingnorant, obnoxious type that the world makes fun of and that lives in hicksville, alabama type of places, and then there is the NEW-YORKER, the one that is actually smart, good-looking, and that controls the world.
by Alex July 07, 2003
A person who cannot drive worth shit because they only drive two weeks out of the year when they vacation on the Cape. They usually can be spotted driving slower than your grandmother and being passed by little kids on bicycles.
What the fuck, how'd I get behind this fuckin New Yorker??
by jimbolaya August 14, 2010
A resident of New York City, especially Manhattan. Contrary to upstate belief, this term does not mean someone who lives simply in New York State. And if it is used in that context, it's only in the speech of some politician or something.
Someone from upstate is not a New Yorker in the traditional sense. New York State doesn't really exist, it might as well be Pennsylvania.
by John December 03, 2003
literally, a resident of new york, esp. the new york city greater metropolitan area. in some places it can be used as a slightly offencieve term to describe bad drivers, second home owners, and tourists, due to the fact that in those places the majority of tourists and second home owners are from new york. the meaning of bad drivers come from the the fact of horrible traffic with much honking on mannhatten, and from the fact that tourists dont know the area's roads and rules, making them worsh drivers than locals.
there was a bunch of people and traffic in town today, but it was all new yorkers
by annon. January 19, 2004

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