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A phrase that is stereotypically attributed to people from Maine, usually by people in the lower New England states to feel superior to our Northern neighbors (like we don't talk funny enough). It has to be said with a northern Maine accent: "there" is pronounced "they-ahh" and "here" is pronounced "hee-yahhhh." The "you" is implied and does not need to be said.
Well you can't get there from here.
by jimbolaya August 14, 2010
An interjection used by people in New Hampshire. Sometimes the "dude" has other words between it before the "guy". Sometimes the "guy" directly follows the "dude." Sometimes the order is reversed. Occasionally heard spoken by massholes.
Dude guy... 59 bud lites guy... flyin out the T-Tops guy... 150 miles per hour dude.
by jimbolaya August 14, 2010
Something bad, an unfortunate situation or intractable problem. Used by New Englanders - mostly in the greater Boston area.
Me: "The server crashed in the middle of the backup." Co-worker: "That's a pissah."
by jimbolaya August 14, 2010
A person who cannot drive worth shit because they only drive two weeks out of the year when they vacation on the Cape. They usually can be spotted driving slower than your grandmother and being passed by little kids on bicycles.
What the fuck, how'd I get behind this fuckin New Yorker??
by jimbolaya August 14, 2010

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