In the NYSDOC (Department of Corrections) a supposedly untapped, unadulterated full bag of dope (heroin) off the streets of New York City, usually costing $50-$100.
Yo I heard someone in the annex got new yorkers for a full commissary buy.
by W A K O May 13, 2009
literally, a resident of new york, esp. the new york city greater metropolitan area. in some places it can be used as a slightly offencieve term to describe bad drivers, second home owners, and tourists, due to the fact that in those places the majority of tourists and second home owners are from new york. the meaning of bad drivers come from the the fact of horrible traffic with much honking on mannhatten, and from the fact that tourists dont know the area's roads and rules, making them worsh drivers than locals.
there was a bunch of people and traffic in town today, but it was all new yorkers
by annon. January 19, 2004
Eastern Pennsylvanian slang for complete and utter asshole. Invaders of the beautiful lehigh, bucks, berks counties. Thinks the Yankees are gods baseball team and they are not afraid to get into your face about it. Obnoxious and loud fucktards. Dirty and ignorant
Steve: "where the hell did all these assholes in our school come from?"
Me: "They are fuckin' new yorkers. Where do you think they came from?"
Steve: "umm New York? Fucktards!"
by EmTy May 13, 2009
a toothbrush wit 2 blades at the end usually founded in jail. When somebody gets slashed across the face and when the doctor tries to stitch up one of the cuts the other opens up wider.
That nigga pablo got a new yorker across his face
by Arsenio October 27, 2005
New Yorker is an arrogant, primitive, money/pleasure-obsessed individual; irritable, angry and nasty type A personality who doesn't give a damn about others and only cares for his/her own well-fare. Some are just curse-spitting lowlifes, some are coldhearted bastards who think they belong to "high society" and are "on top of the world" (they're really only on top of their mamma). Many "New Yorkers" had 100s or dozens of sexual partners and long forgotten that love, intimacy, care, etc. STDs are rampant. New Yorkers think it's normal to go to a bar and find a one-night stand or to dump their partner on some petty issue and easily find a replacement (the dumped New Yorkers don't care too much though, because they are as committment-phobic as their lovers) Most New Yorkers fear or dislike nature and anything that is natural, for that matter, and try to hide behind fake values and things like "style and fashion" to conceal their spiritual and emotional emptiness. They prefer to see nature tamed and confined to something like Park Avenue poodle (who spends his days pampered at DOG DAYCARE). Many New Yorkers are extreme weirdos that outdo most L.A. nutcases by far and far. Some of the worst scum of world are New Yorkers: from lawyers to street thugs--though not all New Yorkers are scum, of course. And yes, I did live in NYC for quite a while, as well as in all large US cities.
From the News: "New Yorker got spit on and beaten by another subway passenger after apologizing for stepping on his foot"
by Dangelion November 18, 2006
Somebody who overrates his own importance. Insists he lives in the best city in the world, despite the fact that he sucks cocks.
New York is a shithole. Geordieboys could kick any New Yorkers arse!
by Dan November 20, 2003
a stuck up son of a bitch that think their city rules the damn world. Yall dumbasses dont even drive yer own damn trucks you take the subway or a taxi. That shit is unheard of in the south. yall call us MS folks rednecks well dont be surprised if you get killed by a man in a pickup truck with a shotgun and a hound dawg.
yall got the dumbest accent in the fuckin world damn new yorker
by Fuck yall yankees December 21, 2006
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