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Nevaeh is heaven spelt backwards. Nevaeh is a beautiful name for a beautiful person. She is funny, caring, carismatic, has a big heart, but can also be selfish at times too. She can be a little tempermental but if you stick around she will end up being the best friend you'll EVER have. She will take care of you when your sick. Give you advice if you need it or not. LOL. She is a beautiful person inside and out and she also has the most amazing eyes ever.
Guy 1: Who is that?
Guy 2: who? Ohhhhh, that's Nevaeh. Isn't she eff n hott?
Guy 1: YEAH. I saw her first so, dibbs.
Guy 2: I knew her first so I get DIBBS.
Guy 1: That's so not cool
by <3 n nevaeh January 14, 2012
Nevaeh is a commonly used first name, which originated from spelling "heaven" backwards - first used by Sonny Sandoval.

Despite what many of the trendy people think, it does NOT mean "slavic for snow" or Swahili for "sparkly butterfly". It is a name without meaning or substance.
LOL i named mi new babie Nevaeh wich means "pritty pritty poni" in neeanderthal an it alsos pells heaven bakwards LOL!!!1!one!!eleventy!!11
by pixelduster March 15, 2008
Clearly, a badass bitch, who can handle anything she wants. But yet she is caring and funny, and friendly. She keeps her promises, and always brings humor into your life.
Nevaeh is funny, I wish she was here right now. I need some cheering up.
by mostawkwardpersonever January 24, 2015
The generic name for the female product of unprotected teenage sex.
Megan dropped Nevaeh off at her highschool's daycare before she went to her GED class.
by elliebug March 25, 2011
The word "heaven" spelled backwards. Recently used as a girls name.
Nevaeh was the 70th most popular name last year for girls.
by BraedenRacer September 30, 2006
An American baby girl name with an Irish origin, heaven spelt backwards, a girl with the name Nevaeh is beautiful inside and out, creative, intelligent, stubborn, and caring
Nevaeh is such an amazing person, and far from white trash!
by Mashbaby August 19, 2015
Heaven spelled backwards, recently it has been used as a girls first name
"Hi, my name is Nevaeh" said by some girl
by XAmberxSixxX September 04, 2008

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