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The word "heaven" spelled backwards. Recently used as a girls name.
Nevaeh was the 70th most popular name last year for girls.
by BraedenRacer September 30, 2006
1. Following the recent trend of spelling a child's name wrong intentionally, see kree8yv.
Maddyssyn is a tryndee way to spell Madison.
by BraedenRacer October 01, 2006
1.Being creative in terms of spelling, spelling things wrong intentionally.
2.Referring to the recent trend of parents giving intentionally misspelled names to their children.
I'm going to spell it the normal way, not some kree8yv spelling.
by BraedenRacer September 30, 2006
One of the names ending in the -aden sound that is popular for boys in the 2000's decade.
Aidan, Braden, Jayden, Kaiden, and Zaden are examples of -aden names.
by BraedenRacer October 02, 2006

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