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In American football, a pick 6 is when an interception is made and returned for a touchdown (i.e., 6 points).
Tracy Porter got a pick 6 in Superbowl XLIV
by cajunchick April 30, 2010
A quarterback is said to have good pocket presence if he:

--Is able to sense when the pocket is closing in around him while simultaneously looking for open receivers

--Knows when and where to move within the pocket

--(Most importantly) Maintains composure in the pocket while under pressure
Good pocket presence separates decent quarterbacks from great quarterbacks.
by cajunchick February 27, 2010
In American football, the pocket refers to the horse-shoe shaped area formed by offensive lineman to protect the quarterback during a passing play. If the lineman do their job, the pocket will protect the QB long enough for him to find an open receiver and throw. If a defensive player penetrates the pocket too quickly, the QB will likely get sacked.
Good pocket presence is essential for any quarterback.
by cajunchick February 27, 2010
New Orleans slang for what most cities call the "median" --the little strip of ground in the middle of the road.
Legend has it that the neutral ground got its name from early New Orleans when the French and Spanish could do business between sections of the city standing on the "neutral ground."
by cajunchick April 04, 2010

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