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being too sexy. (sex overload)
<neural> hmm when did this package arrive?
by neural January 19, 2003
adj. Having a fine attention to important details. A combination of "neurotic" and "anal retentive" (both chiefly in pejorative use), but intended in a complimentary sense. cf. nubility, henchling
Carol: Here's an itemized list of what we need to move this project forward. I've already contacted the suppliers for quotes, and checked into applicable taxes that would change the final pricing. It all fits into budget. Any questions, team?
Employee#1: Good on ya, boss!
Employee#2: That's very neural of you. Part of why I like working here.

by d@d March 12, 2008
neural can mean a sex toy
hey, has anyone seen neural, last time i seen him he was stuck in warpedmind's ass
by daymon January 19, 2003
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