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why would you look for soggycereal, its self explanatory you moron.. www.soggycereal.com
<phyrearms> i'm feeling gay today
<monDay> www.soggycereal.com this prolly won't help
by daymon January 19, 2003
neural can mean a sex toy
hey, has anyone seen neural, last time i seen him he was stuck in warpedmind's ass
by daymon January 19, 2003
also known as ped, aka pedophile
ped loves to visit toys'r'us
by daymon January 19, 2003
see dildo
So umm can I borror your artificial banana
by daymon January 19, 2003
meaning to understand
2 + 2 equals 4 ya unda digg
by daymon March 26, 2004

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