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A nesbit is a boy who spends too much time with his girlfriend. Doing things such as not going out with his friends to stay in with his girlfriend and always talking about her. Being a nesbit is easier to spot if you knew the boy before his girlfriend and he then changed significantly on his route to nesbitdom.
EX 1 Tell you what, he has been a right nesbit since he started going out with her..

EX 2

James: Is Tom coming out tonight?

Richard: No, he is being a nesbit and staying in with his bird!

James: Fucking nesbit
by psrj22 December 13, 2010
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one without class, shame, or distinction. A saddo
look at that feller over there, the one mooching for stogies in the bin.... what a nesbit!
by cowtown March 21, 2006
a nesbit is a person who acts and thinks a certain way..they use colour co-ordination,are blunt,dam sexy!..and very random..nesbitz have fun at all times
Chelle :Omg ,That Bois Trousers Clash with his top ..

Jode:He Will NEVER be a nesbit


"lmao, your so funny , your such a nesbit."

Shes a nesbit because shes so dam sexy and her cloths are kris.
by rock-your-socks September 08, 2007
A smart, wordly girl with a lot of pizzazz
"Hey, who's that dreamy girl over there?" "You mean the cute one over there? OMG, she's so nesbit!"
by ezelsindehemel August 06, 2007

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