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A cross between a gorilla and a buffalo; usually used to describe certain women...
Damn, did you see that garuffalo that Justin was with last night? I was afraid for his life! She was a HUUUUUGE bitch!!!!
by BuckeyeGuy April 15, 2009
When your dog has diarhhea and doesn't clean it's ass very well, leading the accidental wiping of shit on the face.
Man Buttercup gave me a dirty nesbit this morning...what a shitty way to start the day!
by BuckeyeGuy April 15, 2009
When you sneek up behind someone and rip a nasty, stinky, crunchy, wet fart on their back, leaving a streak of mud-butt.
Damn that was a Dirty Donald if I"ve ever seen one...wipe that off your back!!
by BuckeyeGuy April 15, 2009
When someone has a not so clean asshole and the "boing" you, leaving hershey kisses down the front of your shirt.
Damn dude, Zac got the dirty shepherd the other day, that shit was hilarious!
by BuckeyeGuy April 15, 2009
When someone bounces on your stomach with their ass.
I got a boing and almost puked up my cheesburger!
by BuckeyeGuy April 15, 2009

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