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to twist and squeeze yours or another persons nipples.
Luke: Hey sexy, how about you and me go out back to have quickie.
Rosie: Okay you can give me a nerple
by Mojamito Libunao November 06, 2007
Something that follows the word purple and results in a hurt nipple.
Hey look at that kid, hes getting a purple nerple.
by Lando Calrizean September 03, 2008
an act of the nipple - to nerple some one you must pull on there nipple untill it bleeds. a super nerple is when you pull a nipple completly off. this is achieved by spraying the nipple first with deodrant.
Jay:dude he nerpled me soo bad it bled for an hour

Reegan: you think thats bad last year i got super nerpled by my sister. only the right one has grown back

Jay: dude thats just unfortunate
by gingerbreadman 223 April 25, 2011