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1 (verb) To pinch someones nipple really hard then twist untill the victim starts screaming for their mother

2 (noun) The result of a purple nerple. Just like the word says, your nipple turns purple
"yo man you a peice of peice im gonna give you a purple nerple"
"not the nipples!..... OOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!"
by C-Lub Ndawg January 08, 2005
Sneaking up on your buddy and twisting his nipple so hard he gets a bruise.

Any nipple-twisting action inflicted on a male by surprise and with enough force to elicit a loss of composure accompanied with possible screams and/or bruising of the afflicted area.

Ross ambushed Trevor in the hall and gave him a purple nerple.
by Happy T. Fluke June 14, 2006
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