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A nerd hermit.

A socially inadequate, unstylishly dressed, occasionally annoyingly intelligent person who lives in awkward solitude.
When you're trekking upstate and randomly find a lawn chaired person reading "Death by Black Hole" you know you found a nermit.

"It's bad enough Eryn won’t come to the bop but she lives so far away, it’s a journey to get there just so she can tell us she won’t come because human contact!"
by pandaninja September 21, 2016

Aujang Abadi.
Look at the nermit. He crimps cables all day then goes and plays video games at home.
by Stephanie McBride April 29, 2007
A combination of "nerd" and "hermit." A computer geek who avoids human contact and works on nerdy projects.
He locks himself in the basement and works on his computer, he's such a nermit.
by mlwmohawk February 16, 2010
across between a Nerd and Hermit. A Nerd who stays home or spends time alone to do nerdy things....and enjoys it
Nerd: What are you doing this weekend?
Nerdette: I'm staying home - got heaps of Sci Fi and Anime dvds to catch up on
Nerd: You're having a Nermit weekend then?
by V-Caprica and the Col-N-8r December 05, 2007
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