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Aujang Abadi.
Look at the nermit. He crimps cables all day then goes and plays video games at home.
by Stephanie McBride April 29, 2007
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A combination of "nerd" and "hermit." A computer geek who avoids human contact and works on nerdy projects.
He locks himself in the basement and works on his computer, he's such a nermit.
by mlwmohawk February 16, 2010
across between a Nerd and Hermit. A Nerd who stays home or spends time alone to do nerdy things....and enjoys it
Nerd: What are you doing this weekend?
Nerdette: I'm staying home - got heaps of Sci Fi and Anime dvds to catch up on
Nerd: You're having a Nermit weekend then?
by V-Caprica and the Col-N-8r December 05, 2007

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