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A nerd is a person who is smarter then your average person. Y'know the people who are going to grow up and make 1,000,000 dollars a day.

Jocks on the other hand are the people that make fun of nerds, for being smart. Makes no sense.

They just don't understand they are going to drop out of highschool join a NFL team for a week, break their leg and then have to work at McDonalds for the rest of their life.
The richest people in the world are nerds

Bill gates for example.
by Austin A February 08, 2005
195 61
A person constantly criticized for being overly obsessed with his/her school work. The criticizers usually work for the nerds.
"I remember you, I use to kick your ass for doing your homework at school. Too bad you are my boss now."
by EG student May 14, 2005
214 81
Guys who'll be running the country in the future.
Nerds are stronger than all others because after years of ridicule, they still come on top.
by bigtones August 31, 2004
174 49
all you people slagging nerds...richest guy in world is also the biggest nerd...coincidence??
Bill Gates
by English Killing Scotsman October 15, 2003
266 148
plural of 'Nerd'. You and I envy his intellecual skills and laugh at his stupidness in everyday life (like pants lifted up high and using 10 year-old brands) but he or she has about 5 times the chance to be more successful in life, and you'd consider yourself lucky that you aren't being hunted down by his hitmen now.
the movie 'Valentines' shows a nerd taking back revenge on the guys and girls who bullied him, using his wealth from his cpmany to support his actions
by jjk May 03, 2004
147 64
A person who's highly intelligent and generally is against the mainstream of society. Unlike the goths, they are truely non-conformists. In the past they were generally shunned by society due to a lack of physical attractiveness, intelligence, and unusual maturity. A great illustration of Nerd life "back in the day" is the Revenge of the Nerds movies. In the modern area a "nerd" no longer is shunned from society. A modern nerd generally likes computers and video games. They could look like the nerds of old but they can also look like normal people.
Many have theorized to why nerds have been accepted into the mainstream. Two popular theories is that when video games became mainstream nerds and their mortal enemies the jocks were able to become friends. Also because computers now dominate our society nerds are accepted.
Also take note that the portion of nerds who are still shunned from society have became either a goth or an emo.
"I love Nerds" Man..I wish girls wore those shirts back when I was a kid.
by MichaelO. May 27, 2005
117 39
George McFly in Back to the Future before Marty went back in time an altered history to make Biff George McFly's bitch.
by anonymous July 23, 2003
304 231