A bunch of douche bags who have small cocks who gather to whine and bitch about technology. The users believe they know everything when they really don't. Bunch of wannabes.
IK 47 is a pure douche bag for joining and replying to all of the reviews in about 10 minutes saying: "nice work!" attempting to up his posts. Or make up for the fact that he has a small penis.
by ns555 February 13, 2005
Top Definition
dumping ground for Chode to promote the video game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
Chode made a post on Neowin about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
by Pseudonym December 28, 2004
A member of the neowin.net community.
I am a Neowinian, you will ph33r meh, because I am teh own joo. Sure you might get laid, but I will hax0r jo0!
by Craig July 03, 2004
A term used to describe rich, white boys who gather to whine about their pathetic problems at Neowin.

Rednecks are also usually common, as well as the shunned warez monkeys.
Huezo: OMG guys, some jerks dented my eyeeePod. Even though I already have 2 more, I'm still gonna ring up Apple and pay $279 for a new case. I'm so ruined :(

cwalker: LOLz, you guys can't believe what I just did. I ripped off my father by a couple hundred dollars by selling him a FX-53. All he wanted was a faster computer and all he needed was to get rid of that spyware crap. hehe, now I'm one step closer to my car and now I'm bragging about it to a forum
I'm so evil...hehe
by Anonymous Coward April 13, 2005
A member or subscriber of the coolest tech community in hell - www.neowin.net
insanekiwi teh l33t.
Chode teh n3rd.
n00bie teh helpness.
Radish teh dOOd.
Daniel teh g0d.
by NeoG00 April 11, 2005
someone who ikes to learn about how stupid and ignorant people are
I'm a loser who has no life who enjoys bithcing about stuff who nobody cares about but im stupid and ignorant so i dont care!

l337 h4x012

omfg u noob! u posted something that has already been posted 2 months ago!! I'm reporting you to a mod!!
by FUCK YOU RIPGUT!!!!!!! February 26, 2005
A member of a forum which has gone from being an interesting place for debate and news to a site which prefers to ask the question of "when did you first..." or who is owned at that particular moment. Most probably ages 12 - 17 if a new member.
a 13 year old feels lonely and has nothing to do, suddenly they can have a range of teens believeing everything they write, heaven :)
by Matt April 11, 2005
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