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A kickass way of saying "shotgun."
This... is my BOOMSTICK!
by Rainsdark January 29, 2003
A woman who will not have sex with you.
The hot chick rejected my offer of sexual intercourse, and called me ugly.
by Rainsdark January 29, 2003

1. The reason everyone is screwed up.

2. As children, we try to look for a cat and a cradle in the string game cat's cradle, but we don't see it, thus, it ruins us mentally.
No damn cat, and no damn cradle.
by Rainsdark January 29, 2003
A biological weapon sent by the Umbrella Corporation to kill all STARS members. Extremely difficult to destroy, since it is both leathal and physically hardy. If you encounter this bastard, run... Run.... RUNNNNNNNNNN!
Nemesis won't stop until he's hunted me down and killed me....STARS...
by Rainsdark January 29, 2003
Best cartoon show ever? Isn't that cute. BUT IT'S WRONG!
2 Stupid Dogs pales in comparsion to other great animated shows, like Samurai Pizza Cats.
by Rainsdark January 29, 2003
Ice that is nine times stronger than regular ice. Ice Nine's molecules are compact, and only a small amount of it is needed in order to turn regular water into solid Ice Nine. Consider to be a quite destructive weapon.
Ice Nine is so affective, it can freeze the ocean.
by Rainsdark January 29, 2003
A big pussy.
Why do tigers always tell the truth? Because they ain't lion.
by Rainsdark January 28, 2003

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