(unit of measure)(Ne-l'\ee/) A unit of measure that determines how bored a person is, usually in school. One Neli equals about 1/3 of a suicidal thought.

Formula for calculating Nelis:
Time immersed in class or activity (minutes) / Staring out of window, or blanking out (number of times).

T/B = N
Shana spent 44 minutes in Science class, and stared out the window 4 times.

4/44 = 11 Ne
11 Nelis
by Hackermeyer April 02, 2009
Top Definition
usually a hott girl, with brains, beauty, and aditude.
she knows the guys are looking and she doesnt give a damn!!!
"Damn, thats a neli"
meaning shes got every thing!!!
by Castrom October 17, 2008
To 'not even laughing inwardly', the honest version of LOL
- What concert costs 45 cents? 50 cent feat. Nickelback
by RiffMcNasty December 09, 2012
ugly bitch
that girl is a neli.
by jast69 August 18, 2010

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