A country/folk/rock legend. Known for his brilliant lyrics and songwriting. A man who can rock hard and then make you cry with his beautiful folk rock melodies and harmonica playing.

Also known as the god father of grunge music.
Neil Young is tha man I says - everybody
by me December 23, 2004
Top Definition
The man who made it okay for you to suck at guitar solos.
Also, the man who made it okay for you to suck at singing.
"Bro, let's re-record that song, the solo was kinda off, and your singing sounds kinda nasally."
"No dude, it's okay cuz Neil Young does it."
"Damn he rocks."
by Smanny April 24, 2006
Worst songwriter ever. Lynard Skynrd pwn3d him in Sweet Home Alabama.
by RHFiend June 29, 2005
After camping out with your best friend and listening to neil young songs all night long, you wake up the next morning, naked, with a very wet condum hanging out of your anus, wearing a cowboy-hat, with your friend standing in front of you smiling, complely naked with a cowboy hat on and listening to "Old Man" by Neil Young.
"Dude, lets go Neil Young!"
by Zwantel Washington June 10, 2008
A country/rock legend who cannot be defined by any existing words in the English language. Often uses guitar solos which do not exceed 3 notes (if exceeding one). Rocks.
Dude, Neil Young rocks.
by chandler April 11, 2004
Neil Young is a rock 'n' roll relic for this and every other generation.
Neil Kicks ASS, and on the 8th day GOD created neil young's guitar solos.
by Zachary (Flyface) Earle July 24, 2005
Possibly the greatest band of all time. He is rock and roll and everything in between. If you have never heard of him, you should really reflect on who you are, and his music is a neccisity if your going to toke it up. peace, and remember Neil Young is God.
During Neil Young's performance at Woodstock at least 2 million people smoked nug
by Jsa1263 November 07, 2004
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