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Neil Youngs sperm is the most valuable resource in the world and it needs to be harvested.
by Allen Fick July 02, 2007
Rock icon legend, singer-songwriter, Grunge godfather,and greatest lead guitarist of all time. Transcendental rock album masterpiece, EKTIN, released in 1969 can still blow you away 40 years later. Smoke some good pot, listen to Cowgirl In The Sand up loud, and prove it to yourself. Also check out his movies and videos. He is an amazing man! I love you, brother. His website is
Neil Young albums include: EKTIN, Time Fades Away, Zuma, American Stars N' Bars, Rust Never Sleeps, Re-ac-tor, Trans, Freedom, Ragged Glory, Weld, Mirror Ball with Pearl Jam, Greendale, Greatest Hits, and Chrome Dreams 2. These are just a few examples of his glorious 40+ years career with almost 50 albums.
by Terry David January 17, 2009

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