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(noun) An African American person who lives near you.
Honey, the new neighbro wants to borrow a cup of sugar, to make some Kool-aid
by Porsche Monkey July 02, 2007
a neighbor who is a close friend
taylor down the street is my neighbro
by mikeizzal February 22, 2009

1. A neighbor who is a trustworthy friend that accepts and loves you for who you are, no matter what, or how much you've had to drink... :-P

Note: Gender/Race/Age is inconsequential.

2. Usually a neighbor that you know you can TRUST to watch your crib and feed your pets while you are riding the rollercoasters at Dollywood or just happen to be gone for a day or more. ie: On Vacation.

3. A neighbor that you care about (and cares about you) like a family member.
I invented this word on June 17, 2005 (approx. 22:00 EST) while having a party with some neighbors (who are also good friends) in my apartment complex. They all liked it, so I figured I'd better put it on the URBANDICTIONARY to get credit for it before any of my Neighbro's did. :-)
by Earl Oaks (A.K.A. Jumper) June 30, 2005
A friend or a bro that is also your neighbor.
I was out walking my dog yesterday when I saw my neighbro.
by pfroe11 June 03, 2011
African Americans who live in your neighborhood.
Last night all i could hear was rap and yelling coming from my neighbro's crib. Watta Ta.
by j big object May 01, 2008
A neighbor who over time becomes a great friend, so much that they are like a brother or a bro; a neighbro
My neighbor and I have lived next to each other for years, we are always looking out for each other. We are neighbros for life.
by fluke jackson June 13, 2014
A male comrade that lives next door. A bro that is a neighbour. A neighbro.
Yeah, me and bob are great bros, he lives next to me. He is my Neighbro
by AAALAAADIIN August 06, 2013