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noun; a state of being in which one is in turmoil, a period of immense frustration
After officially being diagnosed with testicular cancer, being mugged, and then beaten by the police Rodney King style, Billy declared himself to be in a total state of negrocity.

How the fuck did the Patriots lose to the Colts in the playoffs, this is fuckin negrocity.
by A.A.Rooz June 06, 2007
the act of acting in a black and in doing so is punished or put out by others.
that white boy got beat by his dad because he had on a fubu shirt
by tyler February 27, 2005
A common racial slur and offensive math problem, Negrocity is the determination of ones blackness by calculating ones big ass ape lips-to-laziness ratio. Often times called upon as the REAL reason for minority unemployment.

-Negrocity is Judged in shades, ranging from cracker white to Eddie Murphy

The equation, as follows, looks like this:
N: Negrocity
Weed: W
bi-weekly time frame: T
smoked perday: 20 D's
lip density: LD
WE: Welfare


N: LD6.13x(20D's+W)/WE-T
Tyrone had a lower lip density of 6.13 cm, and he smoked weed and collected welfare while unemployed.

Now, Tyrone's accumulative amount of pot smoked daily was approximately 1 nick and 1.56 blunts. quite the chimney.

If you take into the account of how much weed he consumed in D-dollars, and welfare arrives on the first and fifteenth, as represented by T-time.

The amount smoked daily is (saying one blunt costs 15 dollars of ganja) 20 bucks (approx).

welfare checks arriving bi-weekly are around $300

in one week tyrone goes through approx. 140 dollars of weed (280 every two weeks. ) leaving approximately 20 dollars left over for dominoes and purpo- drank.

Tyrones Negrocity rating is: BURNT AS HELL
by Douche Macfarlane March 05, 2010
n. Amount of blackness someone possesses
Whoa, he can rap! He has some mad negrocity!
by dawghooper2 April 19, 2011
Measures of how much you are being a nigga
That nigga's negrocity level is high as fuck.
by FR35H November 12, 2009
An atrocity carried out by an uneducated, ignorant black person. Such acts include: robbing, killing, pickpocketing during mass transit, getting arrested for having tinted windows on your car, saying something ignorant or uninformed in a rap album, being illiterate, test failing, handing out your homemade rap album "for free" and then asking for money after the person takes the disc from you, asking for a dollar in a virtually indecipherable drug-addled voice, remaining in junior high school until you are too old to legally be obligated to attend, behaving like a drunk person while sober, waving your arms around as if you are a rapper in the middle of the street, playing music without headphones from your cellphone while you are on the train, walking down the street while freestyling to yourself, calling 50 Cent a lyrical genius, impregnating a woman and then leaving the state.
After a massive brawl broke out in the street from two kids fighting over those cloth loops found on backpack zippers, officer Leroy said:

"Man, I've never seen such an act of flagrant negrocity."
by Shitamer Jones March 26, 2009
Or Nigrocity. A measure of ones blatant blackness. A statement of high Negrocity is Negrocious.
1:A'ight, I a'int payin' NO child suppowt 'les you gets me a Grape Swisher Sweet.
2:Oh no, you did not just have the Negrocity to say that!
by Nameurl February 01, 2008
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