abrivation of never meaning surely not or no
have you used the last bog roll?

Nee! that was tommy.


Nee, this packet of cigerettes was full when i left it.
#never #no #surely not #you cant #unbelievable
by christopher fowler November 17, 2006
Top Definition
used after a woman's married name to introduce the family name by which she was known before she married; also used when anything is renamed
Pamela Lee (nee Anderson); Madonna (nee Madonna Louise Ciccone)
by Robox July 20, 2005
dutch word for 'no' (pronounce 'nay')
Nee, ga weg. (means: 'No, go away.')
by LuitvD February 04, 2005
A replacement word for no.
Dave: "Wanna go see twilight?"
Philip: "nee."
#nee #no #neeee #nope #neee
by huhahhoha January 03, 2010
to express distaste, disgust, or general discontent with an object, situation or idea.
Yo lets take shots!
NEEEE dude I'm already wasted.

(Walking and it begins to rain)
NEE, the rain is going to ruin my new leather jacket!
#nay #nez #no #negative #gross
by MoonGlowLunarFeline July 11, 2009
Derived from the sounds of Indian music, a Nee is a woman from India. As is common in most Indian interaction, a Nee typically has a first or last name that ends with the sound of 'nee'
Dude I went to the Kwik-E-Mart and the Nee at the cash register tried to overcharge me.

I had to get my computer fixed, and the Nee on the phone was impossible to understand.
#northie #indian #dothead #southie #niiiii #nii #neee #niii
by Mr. Rocket June 24, 2010
word used (well, usually screeched) when one wishes to use a word as that of a sacred one, to ward off something or someone.
Person 1--> "Give me your lunch money, you squirt!"

Person 2--> "Nee!!"
by Gabby Taylor May 31, 2005
A sacred word closely guarded by the Knights who Say "Nee." The word brings fear to all who hears it and leaves them trembling in fear on the ground. After hearing the word "Nee" the knights will send out on a quest such as doing their laundry or fetching them shrubbery.
We are the nights who say "Nee" Fetch me some Shrubbery
#knights #monty python #terrified #shrubbery #quest
by benben88 June 30, 2010
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