the male: usually very thin, wearing a berghaus jacket, trakies tucked into socks, cheap(fake) lacoste trainers, hair that looks like it could land a plane, uaually stoned and drunk(oot der heed man) and would shag anything with a pulse as long as she is a nedette
the female: either very fat or very thin, face that has been plastered with a brand of foundation that has been produced from the tango factory, wearing very little clothes that show off the eight month old bump, wearing three or more fake gold rings on every finger, at least two 3" thick chains sportin someone elses name and usually found on the end of a male neds cock.
similarities: are usually found standing on random street corners drinking cheap alcohol called buckfast or md 20-20, every second word is fuck or some other random word that is intended to offened but no one knows what it means
look at dat big mad scary goff man, am gonnae chibb u ya baw, aye a fucked yer maw last night n she wis luvin it man
by kaz n kisp August 12, 2005
neds deserve to die also known aschavs

n.e.dstands for non educated delinquent

lots of fake gold soverign rings, burberry caps, kappa trackys, and rockports, mostly stolen from the back of a lorry.
Bob was walking down the street one day when he saw a ned, Bob being the smart caring neighbourly man he is, with a great sense for the well being of his commuinity, quickly took out his ak47 and shot the ned and his "crew" to pieces.
by neds should die December 30, 2004
Stands for Non-Educated Delinquent. The stereotype is someone who wears white tracksuits, burbery cap, has a bottle of Buckfast (cheap alcohol) in his/her hand. Generally applied to the violent NED stereotype.
"S***, NEDs!"
by - October 05, 2003
The flying saucer that appears from right to left in the arcade game 'Space Invaders'

"Willie got the ned every time. And always 300 points".
by alcan August 14, 2008
Bit of a larrikan kind of a donkey
Ned McCutcheon a fella from Hurlstone who lives in Trangie
by Rodgaa April 03, 2005
an acronym for non-educated delinquent, a ned describes what a Londoner may refer to as a "rudeboy". This overly long and complicated word for such simpletons originated in Scotland.
Look at that herd of neds approaching us...
by Talfan July 16, 2005
Derived from non-educated deliquent. Originates in Scotland, particularly Glasgow, but is now used throughout the UK.
A young person who is particularly fond of tracksuits and imitation gold jewellery. They will listen to dance music. A ned will attempt to get as drunk as possible while spending the least money possible and will smoke cheap pot.
em no ned, me! yer feckin' huppy.
by stay classy san diego April 05, 2005
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