Nectar is derived from Latin nectar "drink of the gods", the nectar is "the shit""the bomb"and"the goodness".
man this fire is the nectar!, get some of that nec nec.
by C Jizzle & MA April 15, 2010
Synonym for beer
Guy1: let's go buy some nectar

Guy2: I don't have any money

Guy1: no nectar for you then

Guy2: fuck!!!
by nachobeard January 11, 2010
The juices produced from a woman's vagina when aroused.
Dude, her nectar was sweet!
by Appendix January 24, 2005
Another name for weed. Also refured to as the nectar of life. Not very well-known so good to use it when you don't want anyone else to know what your talking about.
"hey dude, did you get the nectar"
by $pencer February 25, 2006
Adj; Word meaning "Phat", "Cool", Awesome", or any form of such words
"Dude that blunt was so totally nectar i almost crapped myself"
by Harold January 14, 2004
Poon tang. This term is used mostly on a basis of possibility, not what could never be. For example, looking at a girl at the beach the same age as you would be desiring the nectar. looking at Jenna Jameson's twat in a porn and calling it nectar would be completely inacurate.
Hey, Woogie, look at that hot piece of ass over there. I sure do desire a slice of that sweet Nectar from that.
by wenis May 25, 2003
The drink of the gods.

A sugary fluid secreted within flowers to encourage pollination by insects.

Also has some more dicey meanings, which I will leave for others to explain.
Mmm, that mead is as good as Nectar!

If it weren't for nectar there would be no honey.

Aw man, now there's nectar all over my bed.
by Naked Henry May 12, 2005
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