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4 definitions by wenis

A piece of shit computer, mainly used by the elderly.
by Wenis July 03, 2003
The infection resulting from an excessive amount of the semen-blood mixture accumulatiing deep within the upper asshole of a young, middle Eastern male. Commonly associated with a "Boomer".
After that hardcore anal with a regular old "Karen Jackson", that Affghanistani lover of mine had a severe case of Mcleanith Milleras.
by wenis May 15, 2003
The flap of skin between your index finger and your thumb.
My wenis was pinched by a turtle.
by Wenis February 28, 2006
Poon tang. This term is used mostly on a basis of possibility, not what could never be. For example, looking at a girl at the beach the same age as you would be desiring the nectar. looking at Jenna Jameson's twat in a porn and calling it nectar would be completely inacurate.
Hey, Woogie, look at that hot piece of ass over there. I sure do desire a slice of that sweet Nectar from that.
by wenis May 25, 2003