Another word used to describe the sweet tasting secretion from a young woman's fresh pussy.
She distilled the purest nectar - delicious - food for the gods.
by O'Flagherty June 01, 2007
Top Definition
Originating on Vashon Island, Wa, means cool, tight, awesome, etc. Its being brought back to Oregon.
Thet's Hella Nectar!!!
by Nectardrinkr September 12, 2005
Another word used to describe the spicey-sweet juice produced by a pretty young woman's fresh pussy. The pussy must not have taken sperm for at least 2 days.
She distilled the purest nectar - delicious - food for the gods
by O'Flagherty August 12, 2007
Sunglass company specializing in wayfarer design with many different varieties of colors and lens! Perfect for live shows, beach/snow sports and college parties. Enjoy your life!
Those are some sick NECTARS! Where did you get them?
by Nectar Sunglasses November 07, 2011
The word can be used to described something that is either:

A. Cool
B. Sweet
C. Awesome
D. Nectar

Alternatively, it can be used to describe:
A. Bad
2. Randy
3. Brutal
A. Yoo I saw a Ferrari Enzo the other day, it was so nectar.

B. The fucking math test was nectar as shit.
by Siiiide October 19, 2011
An inconspicuous term used to identify an attractive female. Also known as a nectarine.
"Joel, did you see that nectar over there on the treadmill?
by A Tiny Tyrant April 26, 2010
Used to describe something as good or sweet.
"Damn bro those are some nectar ass shoes you got home boy!"

"Thanks bro, your shoes are pretty nectar too!"
by APeX Odin February 24, 2014
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