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Small island in Washington state, inbetween tacoma and seattle. famous for old old mill road, the bike in the tree and some seriously hyphy marijuana.
i went to old mill road on vashon island yesterday and smoked the best weed!!
by elbowe November 24, 2006
51 15

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A small island off the coast of West Seattle. No one really knows of it's exsistance but the islanders! It will be the corruption of anyone that moves there and turns their children into POTHEADS! YAY!
"Man, I smoked some good weed with the hippies from Vashon Island this weekend.."

"Dayum, Vashon Island sure is a hippie town!"
by Kelseey April 29, 2006
30 21
A small island in Washington state, between Tacoma and Seattle. It is famous for bike in the tree, Strawberry Festival, dykes, hippies and lesbians.
I went to Vashon Island to go to the Strawberry Festival parade and all I saw was dykes, hippies and lesbians.
by Mowry April 14, 2011
5 5