Some twisted freak that does his sexy thing with dead people. Since this person could not get any action with the living, he turns to digging up graves and bangs dead people.
John: "hey that Brad kid is a necrophiliac"
Mike: "i know he just did my Grandma last week!
by Kev Donovan April 15, 2008
my cousin....poor grandpa.....
"I'm telling you! If its fresh it can still get hard!"

- my cousin on her desire to fuck a celebrity after they die in the mourge.
by flippy February 29, 2004
some one who rapes dead bodies
The necrophiliac was so horny, he raped that dead body.
by Elizabeth March 21, 2005
The desire to crack open a cold one.
Nothing beats a cold one on a hot day.
by PeeBee February 22, 2004
One who has an obsession with anything dead, especially human bodies.
Necrophiliacs are dumbasses.
by fuck you nigger shit May 13, 2003
someone that has an obsession with death
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
One who enjoys the feeling of sandpaper on his or her genitalia
that bastard necrophiliac cut his balls on the roughness
by sean April 04, 2005

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