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The sickest animal ever. Retarted though too. Eaten by chrocodiles.
I love wildebeest
by BOSnd417 March 17, 2010
When your mom or dad forces you to get your pj's on. You definetly do not want to. You struggle with all your might to break free from you mommy's grasp. But you cant. You call for an adult, but it is to late. Everybody's out of the house. Before you know it, your in your bed asleep. You were just forced into your own pj's.
Stevey: Adult! Adult! Im being jammie raped. help! Jammy rape! jammy rape!
Mother: Your next Martha.
by BOSnd417 March 16, 2010
when somthing smells nebish it often refers to the putrid smell of neb. Nebbish smells often are caused by a constant lack of showers, deoderant, and body wask. Once you enherit the smell it is almost impossible to remove it off your body. It is the most powerful substance in the world. If smelt, it could be fatal for that person.
Mark: Hi Coleen.
Coleen: Hi Mark.
Mark: What is that horrible nebbish odor?
Coleen: What do you mean?
Mark: It smells like you had just baved in a 500,000 ton pile of horse shit. Must be Neb.

by BOSnd417 March 16, 2010
When your sexual partner gently steps on your ball sack, he begins to step harder and harder giving you an awsome sensation. You will be lined up in a t-formation, with eyes closed. You can also try this with your face.
Bare footed, foot sacking is the best way to be foot sacked.
by BOSnd417 March 17, 2010
1 dilldo= 1 doller
1 cock= 3 dollers
1 foot long caucasion penis= 5 dollers
1 wood-chiped cented, slightly misted, perfectly rounded, ball sack= 100 doller
1 ounce of freshly baked, warm, wild berry sour flavored white spurm= 1 hamilton
1 strand of a pube = 5 cents.
1 lieter of wonder cheese (cheese located under your nuts) = 10 dollers.
No tax on food!

Gay Currency
by BOSnd417 March 18, 2010

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