'Naws' Means to aggrevate or annoy anyone so much that they feel physically and in some cases mentally sickened by what has been said, or done.
In some cases it may be followed by wretching, possible vomitting and acting out in a violent way by the Nawsed party.
'Nawsed'= To personally be annoyed to the point of utter sickness.
'Nawsing'= Personally annoying others... i.e. "Am i Nawsing you?"
'Nawsalicious'= To be proud of Nawsing people right up!
If i was to ask you "If you had to, who would you rather sleep with, your mum or your dad?" This would Naws anyone!
Make up any sick questions like this, and "if you had to, who would you rather sleep with Tony blair or George W Bush? Ask anything like this and sit back and watch the reaction. Rock on! You might wanna stand back, just incase fists come a flying... or anything else for that matter.

Also you can poke people in the shoulder or on the head til they cant take anymore, do skank things like lick slugs, jump around like a monkey making monkey noises, and generally acting like a crazy Naws!
by Sophie Arnold March 15, 2005
Top Definition
it just mean no
by YoungCali August 27, 2003
Hell no, seriously, no!
Did you like the party?

Hell naw, it was bunk!
by Deborah Casanova August 02, 2005
Can simply mean no.
Also can be used sarcastically.
"Hey I think you've done the wrong equation"
"No, look...wait, you're right.."
"Well NAW!"
by is secret November 09, 2007
What people say to make "no" sound better, also reflects on personality if you feel a certain way.
A: You wanna come to town with me today?

B: Naw i cant be asked..

C: O.. kk
by BLaCk-HoODeD-MoNGoOse June 23, 2007
slang for no
gangsta 1: ay nigga, would you fuck dat fat bitch ova dere?

gangsta 2: naw homie she too fat. she might kill me if she get on top.
by I Got Swagger January 10, 2009
Laid-back demurral, with overtones of not taking the original statement too seriously.
Statement: Hey, do you think Drew Carey is talented?
Response: Naw, man. Naw.
by Minstrel March 04, 2003
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