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Someone who consistently annoys others to the point of receiving a physical and/or verbal attack.
Jonesy : "Did you have a nice day today? how about I make you some nice carbonara for dinner?"

Loft : Fuck off you nause
by The El Hadj Groove November 24, 2010
To nauseate, annoy
We went to the mall to nause the security guards. Working weekends is such a nause.
by SNAFU September 22, 2003
Annoying/cringeworthy person
Dat ho is such a fucking nause. I cant stand being around her!
by ghetto lexicographer October 20, 2009
Slang term for annoying or somebody who purposefully annoys others.

Originates from Brighton, UK circa 2004
Person 1: That kid at the party last night was being such a nause.
Person 2: Yeah, he was nausing everybody.
by lutworth March 31, 2013