An indigenous person of the Western Hemisphere, which includes the North and South American continents, as well as the West Indies, and even Greenland. Believed to have crossed over the Berring Strait during the last Ice Age. They produced great and technologically advanced civilizations such as the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Incas, and many others.
Also known as American Indian, Amerind (also their language group), Amerindian, & Native American Indian etc

Most (north of the Rio Grande in particular) were killed off by various means.

The people of Mexico, ranked by wealth and influence (at least for the first 3), from least to most, are somthing like 20% Native American, 70% Mestizo (a mixture of White, typically Mediteranian Spanish European, and Native American), 7% White\European, and 3% Other (typically of or containing African and or Middle Eastern Ancestry)
So my point is, when people immigrate from Mexico to the USA (EEUU), whether legally or illegally, they are oftentimes just returning to the land that they had always occupied, millenia before Columbus or Leif Erikson
north of the Rio Grande, most Native Americans were killed off by European diseases or by Euro-American imminent domain (which not only involved getting kicked off their land, but also the coldblooded murder of the men, the rape of the women, the sending of the children off to fascistic orphanages and boarding schools where their culture was systematically suppressed so they could instead speak english and follow protestant christianity)

Most of the people in Bolivia, Peru, Guatemala, and El Salvador are Native Americans.
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by Miskatonic Jack 2 December 09, 2006
Top Definition
Indiginous Americans who were cheated out of their land.
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 17, 2003
Native American- people who live on the rez (reservation) because the god damb White people took our land! we are very proud of our cultures and religions.
so your native american right?
so why u native people live on a lil peace of land called a reservation? cause the god damb white people forced us off our land and put us on a lil tiny peace of shit!
#we call the reservation the rez #whit peoplepeople who took our land #native americans people proud of there heritige #rez lil peace of land that white people forced us on to #cultures #our language we speak and the thing that we do
by shallena April 12, 2006
The original peoples of the United States. They're also the only race that you need a piece of paper that says you're of native blood. While more Native Americans are becoming more aggravated by the process of government determining who's really "Indian". Some nations are beginning to talk about dropping it completely because it's decreasing the Native American population. This is also a politically correct term used to refer to the indigenous people of the American Continents.

There are also many African Americans that are descended of Native Americans but because of the "Blood Quantum Law" and the fact that most people of mixed African American and Native American descent don't live on reservations. Many African Americans don't take an interest in that part of their heritage and as a result the Native American population continues to drop, however there has been a recent increase in more people with that mixed background are becoming enrolled into their respective tribe/tribes.
Hi I'm Mike.

Teacher: Hi Mike. Wow you're handsome what are you mixed with?

Mike: I'm not mixed I"m full blood Native Ameican from the Delware tribe.

Teacher: Oh really..where's your proof?

Mike: Proof?

Teacher:Yeah your indian papers. You can't claim to be Native Ameican and not have Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood with you.

Mike: Oh I forgot it in my Bible at home.

Teacher: You go to church? but you're Native American don't you just talk to the spirits??

Mike: I'm Christian sorry if that shocks you. (As he walks away)

Teacher: Well I guess you're not a real Indian but you do have color in your skin I'll but you down as Black.
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by mc of prayer August 17, 2009
The REAL Americans. They lived peacefully until the whites came. They brought diseases such as smallpox and syphilis to the land, disturbed (and later mass-slaughtered) the buffalo which they were dependent on and killed masses of native men, women and children WHO SURRENDERED.

But think about this for a moment; peaceful natives wrongly accused, declared war upon, thousands of innocents tortured and killed... and the land conquered by a bunch of dickwads who wanted GOLD and OIL. History repeating itself?
Pocahontas was real, but when her tribe was slaughtered she ran away to another country where she died of smallpox. Not such a happy ending is it? Many Native Americans died on the tiny infertile reservations they were forced onto.
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by John June 16, 2006
A proud descendent of the first group of humans to settle in the Americas. According to recent archaelogical findings, they migrated from Asia via glacier bridges and sea travel more than 12,000 years ago and within a short time, they branched off into thousands of unique cultures. Sadly, the North American natives were nearly exterminated by greedy and gold-thirsty European settlers who tricked them through the use of treaties, butchered entire cultures in the name of God, raped their women, stole their land, and infected them with smallpox, syphillis, and other deadly diseases. Today, what's left of the North American natives are now either drinking themselves to death on the reservations, or getting their sweet revenge by building casinos.

Although the South American natives were luckier than those of the north, they were mostly converted to Catholicism, forced to speak Spanish, and what little earnings they make are sent to the modern Roman capital known as the Vatican.
Today, the descendents of the European settlers add insult to injury by honoring a holiday called Thanksgiving, which basically celebrates how their ancestors ass-raped and culled back the once widespread Native American population.
by sarcastic November 27, 2003
The once peaceful people who live in what is now North, Central, and South America. But since the Europeans came over the ocean, everything has changed, no shit. The Spanish and Africans (slaves) blended with many of the southern natives who weren't dead yet. Some natives retreated far into the mountains and forests (and saved their languages and cultures) so in a way, they were luckier than the northern natives. As for them, they were nearly fucking exterminated (again through diseases, poverty, and murders). 95% of natives were killed by the mid 1800's. And it didn't help when they were "removed" by the people who believed in Manifest Destiny, forced onto reservations (might as well be concentration camps), forbidden to practice traditions and speak their languages, and converted to Catholicism.
Here's a some random things people should know:
1. DON'T compare our suffering to other peoples' (like the Africans and Jewish people). What, is there a contest?
2. It's safe to say that we LOVE to dance and sing. And have sexual relations. Some more obvious than others.
3. Not all of us are fucking alcoholics. And only a SMALL percentage of reservations own casinos, which they pay hard worked CA$H for.
4. Every tribe is DIFFERENT.
5. Not all of us are bitter for what happened. After all, many of us are blended with other nationalities (like latinos/metizos, metis and griffes... many more!)
6. We're NOT Asian descendents. Just because we didn't leave things out to rot, and now archeaologists are getting bored, doesn't mean we came from fucking Asia. No disrespect to Asia though. We were created here. Understand?
7. We're protective of our families and friends. If you want one, you'll have the whole clan on your ass!
8. Our southern cousins below the border are NOT "illegals", they were here too, but they often get overlooked. We feel you.
9. It's fucking rude to dress your kids up and "indians" for Halloween. Red makeup, fake leather outfit, and feathers... And I ain't about to hit a child.
10. To my fellow native americans: Be strong, yes, just that!!!!!
Sha hi, those native americans have a wierd sense of humor...
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by *Gurl-w-Curls* November 16, 2006
A proud group of people who were there before the whites. No one cared about them but we still are proud people.
I am part Native American.
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by shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh July 03, 2007
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