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by 666Anarchy666 January 20, 2004
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Federal Reserve is not Federal nor a reserve; It illegally stole our currency in 1913.
On October 20, 1942, the federal government seized the Union Banking Corporation in New York City as a front operation for the Nazis. Prescott Bush and E. Roland Harriman were directors.
The US Government spends more on the military than all other countries combined.
The intercept fighters sent to NY / DC on 911 were flying at 25% of their top speed.
The US provoked Japan and knew all about the "surprise attacks" on Pearl Harbor.
George Herbert Walker Bush authorized the assassination of John Winston Lennon.
JFK / Pearl Harbor Commissions were set up within 11 days; 911 took 19 months.
Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris purged 91,000+ Florida voters in the 2000 election.
George Herbert Walker Bush authorized the assassination of Ronald Reagan.
There is not Freedom of the Press for any issue that matters in the United States.
US breaks treaties; Antiballistic Missile, Land Mine, International Criminal Court.
The US Government caused the fires that murdered 84 Branch Davidians in Waco.
Three Mile Island accident on March 28, 1978 released a US Navy friendly-fire shot down (700+ witnesses) TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996.
The United States spends $90,000,000 per hour on the military industrial complex.
George W. Bush executed every person (152) except serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.
The US Government military has killed
over 8 million people in the last 50 years.
The U.S. Government are legal terrorists that get away with everything. They do not care about you and are against you.

The U.S. Government is Beyond Treason.
by UnknownSource June 06, 2011
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haha sorry i meant Oligarchy... my bad
whoops.. oligarchy NOT olbigarchy...
by pwnz0r December 04, 2003
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A government who only cares about the rich people in society and don´t give a shit about anybody else. they are most commonly known for governing the worst country in the world, wire-tapping its citizens, killing its citizens and ignore black people. To join the party you must be in position of huge amounts of money and a bad mind set, people cannot vote if they are imprisoned, have been imprisoned, have had any criminal activity or tried making the world a better place whilst downloading too many expensive files from Jstor. Furthermore the government it´s guilty of credit-fraud and numerous war-crimes, it has left the country in gigantic debt and is single-handed responsible for the drug wars in Mexico due to the prohibition of Marijuana, They are exceptional good at imprisoning their own citizens for stupid reason and show no interest whatsoever to make the world nor the country a better place to live.
Quiz host: What is the absolute worst government in the world.
Contestant 1: The US government?
Quiz host: correct!
by TheEnglishDane September 13, 2015
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America is good and all but the government is fucked up. But America's Army is the best part of it :)
by Dysfunction October 26, 2003
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by pwnz0r October 24, 2003
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The government of the United States of America.

The US government is "owned" by the civilian population of the United States, and they have the right to voice their opinions without consequences from the government.
There are three branches of the US government, from lowest to highest in power:
Local Government (run by a mayor)
State Government (run by a governor)
Federal Government (run by a president)
All three of these levels of government work together (sometimes; it depends) for certain purposes, such as involving taxes and how taxes can be used for various services. For example, the local and state governments work together, often, to create local services, like schools, police departments, and hospitals. The federal government, on the other hand, is rife with countless services and agencies, with enough power to serve the entire nation and other nations.

When one thinks of the US government, they usually think of the federal government, which is, as mentioned, the highest level of government.

The US government has been bashed time and time again concerning its true purpose. The US government does have certain secrets, but the US government is better than any other government if you stop and think about it. The US government is run by bureaucrats, not thugs (all kinds of nations think our government is evil and gone mad).

Although it is entirely your opinion, hear mine : THE US GOVERNMENT IS NOT EVIL.
"The US government is not evil like everyone says. Compared to other governments, we are just a bunch of mindless bureaucrats, not oppressive nazis or fascists or imperialists. Government agents, although a few may have agendas, are merely doing there jobs (hence the word "bureaucrat). Like one guy described the definition of government, the government just wants to be your silly-sounding I guess. But it's said to be a well-known fact that you should NOT trust the government. Now after hearing that, I am confused."
by Dave April 16, 2004
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