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a nice, pretty girl. usually very smart & has a big butt. sweet unless you mess with her. sticks out her tongue alot. not a slut. not a prep. not emo. fun. flirtatious. crazy.
dude i totally want to get with this girl shes a totall natalee.

dude, you know itll never happen.
by thesoundofhush October 21, 2008
A crazy, fun, unique girl. She's always there for her friends. Her smile can light up a whole room. Beautiful inside and out. Hour glass figure but not too showy. Flirty but is loyal too the people she loves and is not a player. Beautiful shape, figure, face and mind.
Guy:How are you and Natalee
Guy 2:Great shes beautiful, smart and I can actually trust her..
Guy: Can I have her when your done?
by Poprocks224 April 14, 2012
'Natalee' is a modern respelling of the name 'Natalie' is the English form of 'Natalia;, which is derived from the Italian 'natale', meaning "birthday". The term refers specifically to Christ's birthday - the Italian phrase for "merry Christmas" is "buon natale!", literally "good birthday!"
I met a girl named Natalee last night, she was pretty cool.
by DoThaDamnThang February 07, 2009
Natalee is typically the all-around most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She's sympathetic, beautiful, smart, brave, and even has a secretive side. She's a great friend, and even better in relationships. She never told you things before, but once you get to know her, she opens right up! In addition to all of this, she's incredibly sexy! Natalies are almost always great dancers and have great bootys.
Man, I wish I had a Natalee!

Guy 1: Man, my girlfriend is amazing!
Guy 2: Must be a Natalee
by Anonymousse February 07, 2015
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