Adjective. Basically short for nasty, but used when repulsed beyond the state of nasty.
That is nast!
by Scott April 03, 2003
a word used to describe anything. usually used during a intense conversation between a group, or more than one individual.
1. "oh my god you little nast." 2. "did you see that one little nast over there?" 3. "nastbucket" 4. "nast nast nast"
by dharshini, sandra, matt. April 12, 2007
An object, smell, or sensation that can be described as nasty.
"I'm not picking that thing up, it has nast all over it!"
by jestermeister August 22, 2003
The noun form of nasty, generally used to designate something unidentifiable that is nasty.
That festering bucket over there is full of nast.
by Panderblaka13 October 08, 2012
Noun form of the word "nasty". A word used to describe any unidentified substance or aggregate of matter, which doesn't necessarily have to be particularly nasty.
Patron: "Waiter, can we have some more of that tasty green nast?"
Waiter: "Do you mean the Tomatillo Salsa?"
Patron: "That's the stuff!"
by Jeo March 15, 2006
the act of being nasty
That boy was really nast.
by chuchu123 September 09, 2008
short for nasty, because that of course is a mouth full. In other words: gross, disgusting, or replusive.
She won't out with you. She says your nast.
by Annnnnaaaa May 21, 2005

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