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6 definitions by jestermeister

A ludicrously overgrown, unkempt patch of pubic hair, usually surpassing the borders of a standard bikini area.
Henry was shocked to find Norma in possession of a sascrotch.
by jestermeister August 22, 2003
256 47
1. Female to male or male to male oral copulation that is not only unsatisfying, but usually painful and never results in the recipient's ejaculation.
2. Felatio provided by someone unattractive, smelly, or otherwise undesirable to the receiver.
Hank tried to smile and moan appreciatively, but the scraping of Heather's teeth along his shaft and the death-grip she had on his balls resulted in the worst hellatio ever.
by Jestermeister April 21, 2006
27 4
A technique used by both hetero- and homo-sexuals to determine if another individual is homosexual. Typically, the homoprober will ask subtle questions and draw a conclusion based upon the homoprobee's answers.
Far more accurate than gaydar.
"I homoprobed the new guy yesterday."
"Gay. He kept saying 'my partner and I this...' and 'my partner that...'"
by jestermeister January 06, 2006
21 1
An object, smell, or sensation that can be described as nasty.
"I'm not picking that thing up, it has nast all over it!"
by jestermeister August 22, 2003
45 39
v. the act of standing about lazily whilst being shot and maimed by people stupid enough to move to Montana in the early 1800's, thereby ensuring the extinction of your species due to unabated sloth.
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
by jestermeister November 27, 2011
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Anal sex performed inside a jacuzzi or swimming pool.
Hank not only scored with Betty in the pool, he took a trip to stargate atlantis.
by Jestermeister February 06, 2009
17 61