Nas is the illest rapper next to Rakim who is the best...but back to the facts Jay-Z is better at punch lines because he's a better free stylist...and Nas is more deep and he's more of poet...that's wassup, and fuck who ever got some stupid shit to say about that!!!!!
Nas "the true ruler"
Not a support. Used amongst MySpace whores when they're doing s4s and w4w.
Bulletin title: LOLZ READ THIS BULLETING nas
Person: Oh look, that bulletin isn't a useless 'add me' topic, I think I'll read it.
by Rissyface October 21, 2007
Niggas Ain't Shit


"Niggas ain't shit (N.A.S.) but they still can trick..."
-Lil' Kim

"Niggas ain't shit (N.A.S.), but hoes and tricks..."
by Lil' Coble's Wife August 05, 2006
Let me tell you. When you call someone nas, it means that they are the lowest forms of life to walk upon this planet.

Can be spelled like this by retards:

Niss, Nass, nis, nyss, nis
"You're such a nas"

"What a nas kid"

"Reece Leggett is such a nas"

"Johnny Brooks is being nas again"

"wow like... Louie Walker is the definition of nas"
by Nassasistic May 25, 2014
A cheeky chap with a penchant for old ladies. A charismatic and charming gentleman.
"Oi vera, fancy a quickie behind the van?"

"Ooh yes i'll be over right away, you're such a nas"
by ClemCraddock October 31, 2011
the realist and the illest... shitted on gay-z like there ain't no tomorrow. the only haters he got..are gay-z dick rydin stans
NASty NAS in your area...
by nasiriyah July 25, 2003
"not a support;" often used by contest sites, photography sites, and "whored" individuals on Myspace in bulletin subjects indicating that the bulletin is not supporting another site/person.

comment or message.
by LizzzLoverr January 08, 2008
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