Nasty Alien Slut. A person who is either nasty in appearance or in personality, though most often in personality, who is such a horrible person that you don't even consider them a human. Therefore, they are alien to this world. And usually these people are sluts. In most cases.
"Jessica, is a NAS."
"Dude, I know right?!"
by zeigy(; August 28, 2011
Non Athletic Sport. Any game or sport that requires to be skillfull, but does not demand to anyone an athletic condition to be played or performed, and allow you to have a huge belly and makes you work out just a little bit some few muscles, such as baseball, golf, bullseye, etc.
-Hey, you want to see the Yankees?
-Sorry, I actually don't like N. A. S.
by Deiv August 07, 2007
"Niggas Ain't Shit ." a phrase used to describe black males who are NO good .
Girl 1. He CHEATED on me :'(

Girl 2. mm mm mm , NAS !
by BeeMR April 08, 2011
when a bitch gets lonely and she needs a new group to choose from.

basically you go shopping on a bitch's friends list and find cute ass nigga's, add em, and then go shopping on their page.
also helps when you aint happy wit your man.
greatest therapy... NIGGA ADDING SPREE.
bitch one: ay my man jus aint doing it for me anymore
bitch two: well go on a NAS.
bitch one: of course DUH! hope i get some good looking niggas
bitch two: dont really matter if they cute or not.. they always got friends.
by number1beautiful August 31, 2009
supportbulletinmyspacenot a support
open this bulletin.nas
by kendra sparkles May 05, 2008
N:Not A:A S:Support
when you're not supporting a site

Dude This Is NAS
by SeleneMurderScene January 23, 2008
1. n. one sexy rapper
I would give nas anything
by aww made ya look! January 28, 2003

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