His music makes you really feel for the streets and want you to bust out your gats if you have any. A great rapper with such great stories, listen to Fetus, Affirmative Action, or The Message. Some of his story-telling capabilities have been matched up with Slick Rick. A common favorite of his works is the Illmatic C.D
40 year old man: hey little boy I got a nas CD if you come into my house.
3 year old boy: oh gosh! thats better then sex!

they jam to the nas C.D
by arabthug101 September 03, 2007
On top of his game one of the best rappers EVA!!! Made 'Illmatic' the best album ever, but since then has fallen off somewhat. This is mainly due to subsequent albums featuring songs where he talks about 'hoes'. Message to Nas STOP IT your wrecking your own legacy, stick to street knowledge.. you're above all that 50 cent pimp shit.

Also has a lot of ppl 'stanning' him..yo stop riding nas' dick, he is one of the best, but not everything he's done is god like...remember nastradamus :(

Now hooked up with Rocafella records so the next album should be fire...with Kanye's beats and Nas' flow=WOW!!
50 Cent: Aww Oh Wot The Fuck

Nas: Rappers I monkey-flip 'em with the funky rythem i be kickin', musicians inflictin compositions of pain, i'm like scarface sniffin cocaine...

50 Cent: Nas may I bow down and kiss the ring?
by Dragonball April 02, 2006

Funny how it seems that it was the same person that made all the "anti-Nas" comments. Would you like it if I went to the "Gay-Z" definition and start talking shit.
Plain and simple
by Edilberto Garcia February 26, 2004
n e body who said 1 fuked up word bout nas gotza b tha dumbest bitch alive....... especially if u cant rap, u no u couldnt even battle dat man n kill it. yall probably in yall houses listen 2 limp bisciut or sum shit. fuk u
ether-killed gay-z
1 of yall cum out wit sumthin hotter than that shit n ill apologize
by hotgurl September 21, 2003
By far the best rapper alive.
I never sleep (cuz im listining to nas all day) cuz sleep is the cousin of death.
I like him, Big L, Biggie, Pac, and other artists you don't know about.
by NiggaPelease February 28, 2010
One of the greatest rappers of all time. Also a good poet. Possibly one of the best lyracists of all time to ever use the mic.

His real name is Nassir Jones
His Birthday is September 14.
Yo, all I need is one mic, one beat, one stage
One nigga front, my face on the front page
Only if I had one gun, one girl and one crib
One God to show me how to do things his son did.


by The Romancandle June 15, 2006
The greatest rapper alive!!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1 - Lil Wayne is the best!!!

Person 2 - Fuck Wayne!!!!!!! Is all about Nas!!!!!!!!
by Biggielover October 25, 2009
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