meaning no or incorrect
Nas mimi quit being such a fag
by thiggs October 20, 2009
Network Attached Storage

A network device used to store files.
I keep my Pr0n on my NAS.
I need more disks for my NAS.
My NAS is full of Pr0n.
by Cybernaught June 12, 2006
stands for "nod and smile"
a pretentious grinning nodding motion to be used when you have done something epic.
Bob: I heard you ate 10 burritos and 2 large slushies last night, bro.

Tim: nas.
by Ginbro December 21, 2010
nas is a slang word that came from the word nasty. It means the same thing but just a quicker way of saying it
this food is nas.
That girl's hair last night was nas.
by Big Mac 12 March 18, 2009
Used on MySpace.
"Not A Support"
Sites often put nas when they want you to read a bulletin, even though some sites will put nas and put a support anyways
"Awesome video! Please watch! nas"

"Do this, nas"

by grape juice factory November 27, 2007
Stands for Not A Support
In a bulletin on myspace:

Wow! this is really cool, -nas-
by mckayla October 20, 2007
Not A Support. Used by "whored" people (usually scene) on myspace as bulletin subjects so people are aware that they have something to say other then "z0mg add her!"
Subject: PLEASE READ!!! nas
by gracieeee August 13, 2007

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