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A hardcore Naruto fanboy whos most common sayings are "Naruto totally r0xXxorZ!!!" and "Naruto is teh best animeh evah!!!"
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(user SSJNaruto was kicked by <ANBU's and/or AonE's mod> :: You are narutard #19486 to be kicked)
by Niwa-kun January 21, 2004
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A blatant fan of the anime Naruto, usually within the 5-15 age group. They believe that Naruto is the 'best show ever', and refuse to admit otherwise. There are many types of Narutards, including but not limited to: five year old Cartoon Network Worshippers, high school freshmen, and 30 year old fat men living in their mothers' basements. Generally the most common type of Narutard seen is the high school freshman. Often they are spotted lurking in the hallways of school, throwing paper shuriken at random passerby and screaming "Dethaxx no Jutsu!" They watch bootleg DVDs of Naruto in Japanese subtitles, which makes them think that they can automatically speak Japanese, when the only word they have paid attention to is 'baka'. They will run around in a frenzy screaming this word until they collapse because of their unhealthy diet of ramen and pocky. Usually Narutards grow out of their phase within a year due to the extreme beatings they recieve from people who just can't stand them anymore. When one happens upon a Narutard, it is best to keep a distance, as Narutards are deluded, idiotic creatures, as demonstrated by their ability to believe that an loud Anglo-Saxon boy wearing a bright orange jumpsuit could pass as a ninja. Do not try to reason with Narutards, as they will gang up on you and pelt you with paper throwing stars. While this is not harmful in the least, it is mildly irritating to the point where you could explode in a fit of rage and knock them all to the ground before they could say, "Believe it!"
They gazed upon the convention hall with a look of shock and horror upon their faces as they saw it was packed with Narutards.
by The White Rabbit August 12, 2007
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A mythical creature, mainly from Canada and North America.
Deriving from the words 'Naruto' and 'Retard', Narutard was first really used in 2004 for most of the Naruto forum users. Narutards can be defined as naruto fans who boast about how 'cool' Naruto is, and have never seen any other anime. Most of them watch the Naruto dub. In rare cases, you can see these mythical creatures dashing in and out of random places, attempting to 'train' and join the ANBU. Most of them don't even know that real ninjas derived from farmers, or that ninjutsu was, at one point, an art form in itself. They are either fat or really, really young.
Most of them can't train very hard, can't concentrate, have foam shuriken because their moms won't let them have reqal, dulled ones, have SOCCERMOMS,(shudders) and do not know ANY form of martial arts EXCEPT for ninjutsu and karate. Keep away from narutards.
"Hey! I'm gonna join the ANBU! I bought a hitai-ate even though I'mnot gonna cosplay 'cuz I don't even know what an anime con is! I like bad fanfics that say swearwords like 'crap' and 'dang'! teeheeheehee!" -narutard
"SCREW YOU!!*stabs with family's katana*" -me
by Ginkitsune July 12, 2006
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a narutard : a derogotary term for somebody who has gone beyond just being a fan of the Anime Naruto, and is extremely frightening to the general publc.

They own every headband from every vllage on Naruto (apparently a "bargain" on eBay, until you point out the postage was more than the actual product.) Can't sleep without their Itachi plushie and village of the leaf wallscroll. They run useless petitions on the web, trying to bring down the dubbed version of Naruto, and to get him to stop saying "Belive it!" and instead saying "Dattebayo". Both phrases will get annoying if repeated over and over! What does it matter which one is used???

Oh, and let's not assume all they do is sit inside watching poorly lip-synced AMVs and wanking off to yaoi. Hell no! That's not nearly annoying enough! They have to inflict themselves on the community! Dancing around their front gardens, kicking trees and announcing to passer-bys "I'm agonna join the ANBU!" I once saw a lad, about a year or two older than me, out in the street place his hands together and yell "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" an actually look surprised when nothing happenned.

They are so very deluded it frightens me. If you look at certain forums, you will find countless fangirls fawning over, I dunno, Kiba or something, and fanboys nosebleeding over naked pics of Hinata, drawn by some 50 year old.

I am not anti-Naruto, it just annoys me how stoopid people can really be. All narutards need rounding up and putting in a giant blender.

Narutard 1 (male): Dude, dude Tsunade is pregnat wit mah babbeh.
Narutard 2 (male): She is not dude, she says I'm the only one 4 her!
* computer slanging match breaks out*

by PearGirl September 16, 2007
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A mixture of two words, 'Naruto' and 'Retard,' a Narutard is a huge anime fan of the anime/manga series Naruto. They love the characters truly, by cosplaying their characters with cheap clothing. Anyone could be a Narutard with ease, such as I.

Narutards usually didn't read the manga or watch the Japanese version of it. They usually fantasize about yaoi/yuri pairings that are unbelievable, like if this one guy kissed this other guy and married each other.

Also, if one is a Narutard, they are most likely to post definitions here on Urban Dictionary about their most loved characters and most hated characters.
Narutards usually are too crazy fans of the anime/manga Naruto. They do crazy things if they love the series.
by MisaTange July 05, 2009
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Any Naruto fan who's pushed the line way too far. The people who buy the Naruto Headbands off eBay even if they don't cosplay. General n00bs, who really should know what day AnimeOne and ANBU release fansubs, but ask for them anyway.
Narutard: Hey luk at my seXXi new Konoha headband!!!!1 Yo, Naruto r0x0rs!
Person: Do you cosplay?
Narutard: noooooo, NARUTO R0x0rs!!1 gimme da sub w00t!
by the TREE April 30, 2005
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Started on mIRC with idiots asking for new episodes, has sort of drifted to conregation of idiots on websites such as "narutofan.com" Where people spend all day posting as if a chat room in the comments section of a newspost about how awesome Naruto is and pointless discussions that have been discussed properly on real anime forums
NaRuToSsJ5: I've been commenting all day, not slept or eaten
Me: Don't you have a life? Real friends?
NaRuToSsJ5: Yeah! Of course!
Me: Who?
NaRuToSsJ5: Naruto, Yondaime, loads mate, not Sasuke though that bastard!
Me: Narutard...
NaRuToSsJ5: Naruto owns!!!11111
SaiyanNarutoXxXxxx7: ITACHI!!!11111 *fap*
SSJKYUUBIKING+7: where is episode ##!111111 ffs!!!!
by SSJKYUUBIKINGSSJ+7! January 31, 2005
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