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a person who teaches others the path of life in order to attain moksha. she also listens and has everything in common with a certain someone and is one of the coolest names/friends known to man and womankind.
Narmi is the one guru whom I can trust to lead my life.
by LaHsIv January 02, 2005
An extraterrestrial being who is also reffered to by the name IMRAN. He is dyslexic and has trouble comprehending the fact that ~Dj jK~ is at a higher intelligence level.

He is also a proud member of IRO (International Roots Organization) and was the co-founder of gaiety.

See also: Chirag, Roots, Rouse, ey o, college chris owen
Yo did u see that guy that poured liquid soap into a flask then couldn't get it out?!!??
-Haha, u talkin bout Narmi rite?
1. The first word in "Narmi Narmi Narmok" the alien song invented in the early 90's by Imran.
2. Also a planet inhabited by instigating older brothers. :P
Zeshan the monsters here, "Narmi Narmi Narmok."
by Salma January 25, 2004

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